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What is the best age to start swim lessons?

Inquiring about this is the first and best step to getting swimmers acquainted with water safety early on, and with consistency. You're in the right headspace if this is something you've asked yourself, and you've come to the right place!

We recommend starting swimmers in the water with Parent & Me classes at 4 months old. It's great to begin lessons at this age because infants are starting to practice head control and can benefit from time in the water alongside their parents or guardians, guided by an experienced swim instructor.

Does this mean you have to start your swimmers in the water at 4 months old or they'll never become water safe? Of course not! The sooner you begin exposing swimmers to water in a safe and structured way, the more ease they'll have with each milestone of swimming.

Each family is unique in their needs, approach and availability. We understand this, and have built out a consultative approach to cater to each variable. This customizable and high touch experience is one of the great benefits of having private, at-home lessons. For example, if you have a pool in your backyard and want to feel safe in knowing your child will grow up in and around the pool, you'll benefit most in starting these swim lessons early and with consistency. We recommend being in the pool 1-2 times per week with an instructor, and as you start to feel comfortable, getting in the pool with your swimmers to practice the skills at least 1-2 times in between lessons. Practice makes perfect!

Do you feel better about having a swim instructor come every day for 2 weeks for short, intensive lessons, and then practicing those skills together? We can build that out with you, too! There is benefit to any kind of consistent, safe exposure to the water when guided by an expert. How you want to build out that schedule is entirely up to you.

As with potty training, learning to read, and any big milestone that you and your child will encounter, there are many different approaches. Let's build out the best one for you and your family, guided by our expertise.

Talk to us today to secure your spot for swim lessons! Always practice safe swimming guidelines - install a pool fence with an alarm, always assign one qualified adult to watch the water, and never rely on flotation devices.

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