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Who's behind Floaty Swim School?

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

We're a mobile swim school committed to providing the knowledge and skills to give swimmers self-confidence through play-based learning, right from their backyards.

Hi! We're the Bhatias.

We're looking to share the joy of water with neighbors and families alike. Both born and bred in Los Angeles, we grew up on opposite sides of the city, holding out for summers by the ocean and by the pool. We moved to Studio City a mere 3 months before the birth of our daughter (doesn't everyone love moving house during the third trimester of pregnancy?!) and decided 3 months after her arrival to channel our energy into sharing this love of water with a strong foundation in safety. Whew!

Shannon is a Red Cross WSI (Water Safety Instructor)/CPR/AED certified swim instructor and lifeguard. She's a formerly competitive swimmer, from championing the 500-yard freestyle at state-wide CIF championships to competing in the open water Dwight Crum Pier-to-Pier race between Hermosa Beach pier and Manhattan Beach pier every summer. She kept up her love of water and competition through the club triathlon team at UCSB, as well as maintaining a healthy amount of surfing and swimming with friends. She's been teaching swimming, surfing, and triathlon for 15+ years and is excited to share this love with new neighbors and friends. Parents love her deep knowledge of the sport and ability to hone and refine technique with swimmers, as well as defining a baseline comfort for those who are new to it.

Karan is a Red Cross WSI/CPR/AED certified swim instructor. As a formerly professional rock climber, he slept in a small hammock nestled up against El Capitan in Yosemite for every summer that the park rangers didn't catch the climbers overstaying their welcome in Camp 4. He took his camera with him on those adventures and turned it into career on Instagram - take a peek at @sendingstache. He's a lifelong learner; from hobbies like leather work to photography to climbing to running ultra marathons, he loves to share his passion for learning with others. He has a natural way of teaching, inspiring, engaging, and putting safety first in and out of the water. Parents love the way he can meet any swimmer where they're at to encourage progress, including those who have faced many challenges in their pursuit of water comfort.

We've combined our disparate experience to learn from each other and create the ultimate environment for supportive learning and development.

Where can you find us?

Floaty swim instructors service the San Fernando Valley and West LA. The only spot you can find us during the summer months in the valley is poolside! We pride ourselves in creating opportunities for our instructors to teach close to home, as it's good for the environment, mental health, and swimmer/instructor relationships to keep it local.

If you're in an area that we don't currently service, please feel free to reach out to us to discuss how we can help your child achieve their water safety goals.

How do swim lessons with Floaty work?

We want to keep it simple for you. As parents, we know that amidst all the obligations that come with summer, it can be tough to find time for water safety. How to fit all of it in? When it's convenient for you and your swimmers, right from the comfort of your home. Build relationships and promote socio-cognitive development for kids by inviting neighbors along for a group lesson, or bring the focus in for private 1:1 lessons and allow us to do the rest.

At Floaty, we work with you to build out the experience you want to create for your swimmers. All you need is access to a pool and 30-60 minutes of free time for your swimmer. Pick the course or class that suits your swimmer with the help of our class package descriptions and we'll lock that time slot in for the duration of your chosen package. We'll meet you at your pool, ready to bring water safety and fun without leaving the comfort of your backyard.


On land or in water, we live out our values. We strive to promote self-confidence through play-based methodology while building community. We're thrilled to share it with you in the summer, and beyond.


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