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The Floaty Story

We believe that working with children is a blessing and isn't something that should be taken lightly. Swim instruction is a necessary life skill and we want you to feel like we're the right place to learn before you commit to entrusting us with your child. That's why we want to tell you more about ourselves.

Our Mission:

All aboard the S.S. Floaty curiosity voyage! 

We bring the crew to you and meet water explorers where they’re at to ensure optimum comfort, safety, and accessibility for all. 

Join us as we co-captain science-backed courses for swimmers of all ages and abilities, inspired by the needs of your personal journey.

Our Values:
  • Confidence: safety, peace of mind, skills and abilities

  • Play-based: experience, fun, inclusivity

  • Community: inclusivity, belonging, local, family

Our Story:

More posi vibes - we looked to connect with our local community. We sought out to share our love of water in a hot, dry place. We wanted our daughter to feel the connection to water in a safe and approachable way. And, we want to perpetuate a lifestyle of confidence, play, and community.

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