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Learn more about our 6 levels of coursework and how we take the time to assess, teach and test at each level, ensuring your child is learning these essential life skills as thoroughly as possible. 



The first lesson acts as an assessment, helping place your child in a precise point of our tried-and-true curriculum. 



Once one of our qualified instructors has placed your child in one of our 6 levels of coursework, we begin the journey.



Each level takes ~8 lessons to complete, including our skills test at the end of each level, ensuring your child fully grasped that level's goals. 


What's Next?

From Level 1, starting with the basics of water safety, all the way to Level 6, working on perfecting those strokes, there's something to learn at each stage of this journey.

Level 1

We're just getting started at this level. Let's get your child prepared for a lifetime of fun in the water! 

Level 2

With Level 2, we're here to touch on all the arms of water safety, while getting your child more comfortable in the water!

Level 3

With basics feeling strong, it's time to start working on elementary stroke work! Slow and steady does it! 

Level 4

With a foundation of stroke work established, we're ready to reach for success and take swimming to that next level!

Level 5

We're here to bring all those final pieces to the puzzle with fli-turns, dives and more, all while improving mastery of the fundamentals!

Level 6

You've made it this far and now we want to help your child dance like a dolphin. Let's master everything you've worked on learning so far!

Reach out at any time if you have questions. We understand how important it is to make the right choice for your child. 

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